Sense and Disability

occasionally pink-haired traveller, often spotted with blue cane.

Who Are We Anyway?

We are Carly and Chelsey. We’re an odd duo, with strange senses of humor. We also happen to have grown up with disabilities. We’ve also grown up going to school, making friends and doing everything else that typical teenagers have done. We’re best friends who want to share our experiences, because they’re fun (mostly)!

3 Responses to “Who Are We Anyway?”

  1. awww the pink hair and blue cane got my hopes up for some sort of time travelling…..shame really

  2. Alex said

    Perhaps I should be sending this email to your flickr but nevermind that, I love the knitting that you do, especially the lizard ridge stuff. Not knowing anything about knitting, I thought maybe you had come up with that design on your own, even so, it’s still amazing looking.

  3. Andy Markelz said


    I’m a special education teacher in Philadelphia and I am going to grad school. Do you live in the United States? If so, I would love to ask you a few interview questions for a small portfolio project for one of my grad classes. I’m looking into people with disabilities’ opinions on society’s attitudes towards them. Does that make sense? Kinda confusing wording. That’s why I asked if you live in the US, because if you didn’t then it would be a different society’s attitude then the one I’m looking into.
    If you would like to help, please write me back at and I’ll send you the interview questions.

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