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Slow and Steady

Posted by Chelsey on April 7, 2009

Today I am proud of myself. I am in Edinburgh and I went to to the castle with my friend Lauren. We walked all around it, up the massive hill, saw the Scottish Honours (crown jewels) and aftwards I went to the Writer’s Museum. When I made my way back to the flat erhere I am couchsurfing I realized that I did nmot feel dead, or like I could not take another step

It felt very different from trips when i was younger and with my family when I was always dragging. I have seen a lot here and on my travels thjus far, but doing it at my own pace has helped a lot. I am really proud at how much I can do and see, maybe slower than others and with more buses, but I am having a great adventure.

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The Rift is Open

Posted by Chelsey on April 1, 2009

Well, not really, but I am in Cardiff!

I got my stuff to the train this morning without use of a cab, of which I am proud. It took looking at the tube map and taking the train down to westminster because they had a lift-interchange instead of switching at the stair heavy Baker Street, but I did it!

The train and everything was uneventful, so that’s nice. I spent my last day in London at the British Library and got to see the handwriting of some of the world’s greatest authors. Inspiring, perhaps? We’ll see!

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