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To Go With Our Subtitle

Posted by Chelsey on November 2, 2007

Dear Carly,

Blue parking spaces. The main actual benefit to having a disability, yes?

Then why doesn’t the rest of the world realize this? On Halloween night I went out with some friends. We had my permit (of course), and thus we used it. When my friend’s boyfriend commented that “he needed to get himself one of those” he didn’t understand why I said I’d kill him if he did (that wouldn’t work very well, really, he’s large.)

Okay, so, I can walk. Lots of people with permits can’t, and there are days when I can’t either. When even the handicapped spots seem far away from the door. And then Sonya left it in Eric’s car. So we didn’t have it at the mall today. And that’s not cool.

My favorite thing, though, is when I’m with my friends and one of them hops out of the car first and everyone around us looks at them, and then back to the permit hanging on the windshield, and then back at them. And then I get out.

I also hate when people who don’t have a disability, are not picking up anyone with a disability or anything of the sort pull into a space and are surprised when I leave them a note that says: “where’s your permit?”

I mean, really. What do they think, that we just park in them because we’re lazy? Please.

5 Responses to “To Go With Our Subtitle”

  1. Liz said

    I like to look for ticket cops when I see someone park with out a permit. I think a $250 ticket will leave a very big impression! HAHAHA

  2. how do you know for sure that they don’t have disabilities? sarah triano wrote a really good article about not being deemed as disabled here:

    anyways, welx to the blog world 🙂

  3. Liz said

    I leave people private tickets too! I mean if they are disabled but forgot their parking dohickey, fine. They know it. But if not then they can take my reminder note to heart, maybe.

    I also hate when people park blocking ramps.

  4. Oh dear the old chesnut has raised its head again lol I have been getting wound up about the abuse of disabled parking spaces since my accident in 1976, looks like this problem will run and run (sadly)

  5. mistresscurvalicious said

    “how do you know for sure that they don’t have disabilities?” ~ Misscripchick. Exactly! I’ve had severe mobility problems during the past year and a half, but have been deemed not disabled enough to qualify for a blue badge / disabled parking. It really is a horror having to get to far off places when unable to walk.

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